Prince Charming? More Like Prince Cheating.

It’s Time For…

The Rebound 1800x2700.300dpi

One bite is never enough…

Madison St. James’s life was a glittering fairy tale until her Prince Charming turns out to be Prince Cheating. With the help of a sexy stranger Madison lets loose her inhibitions for one night of no-holds-barred sex.

It’s hot, It’s sensual, and so real that Madison doesn’t know if she can return to her superficial life, except her mother isn’t going to make escape easy.

Cole Langford has one of the most powerful names in Maryland, but none of the money and prestige that goes with it. He knows first-hand about getting knocked down by power wielding megalomaniacs.

Lately, Cole’s libido’s MIA,until he finds the very trouble he’s been trying to stay away from in Madison St. James. But Madison is like decadent candy and Cole just can’t resist one more bite.

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