Trapped In The Darkness Of His Past Mistakes, He Will Find Light In The Most Unexpected Person. This Is…

His Redemption 1800x2700A.300dpi

Thomas Langford tries his best to make amends for the mistakes of his past. He lives his life to perfection and does everything he can to be the honorable political candidate everyone expects him to be.

Except for one little thing…

Meet Thomas’s alter ego. Nixon. A brutal streetfighter who pounds out his frustration for the life he never wanted. Each time Thomas dons his mask, he risks everything. His status. His standing. His political future. So, when a fight goes wrong and his true identity is threatened, Thomas must put his trust in the only person willing to help him.

Talia Markof is the daughter of a notorious Russian mobster. She is struggling to distance herself from her family and when her brother begs her to run the street fights, she vows it will be the last time. But Talia gets sucked in further when the cops are called and one of her fighters is left unconscious. Nixon. Talia never imagines hiding out with the injured fighter in her apartment. Or in her bed.

Everyone thinks Thomas is the last honest politician in Maryland and Talia is the only person who knows the truth. She is in just as much danger from her own family if her liaison with Thomas is discovered. But darkness cannot exist without light, and fighting for love may turn out to be just as important as fighting for the lives neither of them wanted.


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